Who are we?

We are catalysts for industrial transformation with a technology to create, deploy and execute Edge Computing algorithms in a secure and scalable way
Why we do it - Our purpose

We want to empower industrial companies to transform their business by bringing intelligence to their machines.

What we do - Our mission

We provide intelligence to industrial assets to help companies meet their efficiency and sustainability challenges.

What we strive for - Our values
  • Freedom, autonomy and responsibility. We believe in the individual and group professionalism of our team to carry out our mission.
  • Humility and companionship. We defend the importance of knowing how to ask for and offer help to maintain the cohesion of the team and the rhythm of work.
  • Agility and flexibility. We develop our work with the preparation and methodology required by the changing conditions of the rapidly growing market in which we work.
  • Excellence and UX. We make sure that our developments contribute to improving the experience of our users when doing their work.


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At Barbara, talent is at the core of our business. As a young technology company disrupting in the industrial world, we take good care of creating the environment so that you can grow and contribute to the company´s business journey. 

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