Barbara In The Asia IoT Business Platform

Last week Barbara IoT,  in collaboration with the European-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EU-MCCI), traveled to Malaysia to attend the Asia IoT Business Platform and meet relevant agents in the ASEAN IoT market.

The Show

Barbara had a booth in the EU Pavilion of the show, together with other European IoT-related companies such as Cumulocity, Telensa or Kerlink. During the show, we had the chance to explain why Barbara is needed in IoT devices, especially in the industrial IoT (IIoT) segment.

The security features that Barbara provides, such as secure boot, data encryption, and support for encrypted communications was probably what attracted our visitors the most. Security is one of the biggest concerns in the IoT industry, and many visitors shared use cases with us where security was a key issue for them.

Barbara IoT in Asia

Barbara was born as a secure platform for IoT devices, but it is in fact much more than that. As an operating system, Barbara OS gives companies an abstraction layer to work over, without needing to worry about which hardware is below; the apps created over Barbara can be later installed in any other device running this OS. And thanks to the Barbara Panel, companies are able to monitor, configure and update all devices in their IoT deployments, in a secure and easy way. This was also very appealing to several visitors, especially those who deal with the management of IoT devices in commercial deployments.

Barbara IoT in Asia

Parallel to the show, there were several sessions of conferences covering topics such as the evolution of connectivity in manufacturing, Smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Security challenges in the IoT market. It was interesting to know how other companies, Malaysian and international, see the market, its challenges and how to address them.

Barbara IoT in Asia

Getting To Know The Region

Once the show was finished, and thanks to the EU-MCCI organization, during the following 2 days we had the opportunity to learn about the current status of the IoT market in the whole ASEAN region in general, and Malaysia in particular.

We had a very productive meeting with representatives of the different Malaysian Government’s Agencies in charge of the Investment and Industry Development that explain the several initiatives they have in place regarding IoT.

Barbara IoT in Asia

We also had the chance to go and visit the district known as “the Malaysian Silicon Valley”, Cyberjaya, where most of the Malaysian and foreign technology-oriented companies have their offices. When we were there we visited the MaGIC campus, an innovation and creativity center that fosters and promotes startups, within a networking environment, and also one of the buildings that Cyberview, a tech hub enabler company for SMEs, has in the area, where we met some of the hosted companies.

Overall, it has been a great experience for us. This has been Barbara’s first approach to the ASEAN market, a region with huge growth potential and definitely a place to have in mind for developing and deploying IoT solutions; we went to explore opportunities and look for partners and we come back with some very interesting perspectives.


Article written by Juan Pérez-Bedmar, Pre-sales Manager at Barbara IoT.