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Barbara Trial Program Is Out!




We are making a set of tools available for companies that want to try out our solution.

Barbara IoT’s vision is to make professional IoT deployments easy and secure. To accomplish that goal, we want to provide companies with the necessary tools to avoid the complexity of the data gathering and device maintenance. That’s why we have just launched the Barbara Trial Program, so you can test Barbara Software first hand.

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What Does It Consist Of?

Barbara Software is made of 2 main components: Barbara OS and Barbara Panel.

Barbara OS is a secure Linux-based operating system, optimized for IoT. Barbara OS constitutes the core of the technology and the basis to build a secure environment around the device. It has been fully developed in-house by our team with a secure-by-design approach. For this Trial, we are providing versions of Barbara OS for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero devices.

Barbara OS architecture

Barbara Panel is an IoT deployment management dashboard designed for businesses and with a zero learning curve. It provides a user-friendly and centralized board for deployment configuration management, device monitoring, and remote update management. For this Trial, we are giving demo-user access to testers so they can monitor and remotely manage their Barbara OS-powered IoT devices.

Barbara Panel login

Additionally, we have also displayed our SDK for Barbara OS. It is a developers’ kit, written in C, that leverages the capabilities of Barbara OS so testers have an easier way to program and make use of the protocols, drivers, and interfaces exposed to the system.  

All of this comes together with documentation that will lead testers throughout the whole process of flashing and configuring their IoT devices, help them to understand how everything works and, consequently, make a successful journey.

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Who Is This Trial Program Addressed To?

If you are interested in trying out Barbara SW products for your commercial deployments, or if you are a developer that wants to try it too, you may be eligible for the Trial program

How Can I Be Part of The Trial Program?

You just have to press the “JOIN THE TRIAL” button below and register by filling in the questionnaire. We want to know more about you, your company and your interests in Barbara SW so we can understand how we fit on your needs and expectations. Once registered, our team will come back to you as soon as possible.

IoT needs open and secure technologies that allow companies to integrate with other components and scalable so they can grow with it.

Join us and try us out!

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