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TipTap Labs Becomes Barbara. Welcome, Barbara!




At TipTap Labs we are happy to announce that we will be consolidating all of our operations under one brand: Barbara. From now onwards, our brand Barbara becomes the face of our company. Our professional services unit will be now known as Barbara Labs.

Tiptap Labs was born almost one year ago full of great ideas and with a great team behind it. It has been an amazing time, we have delivered our customers great developments and products. We are now a team of 20+ people and as our portfolio and products grow we want to consolidate everything under one simple name: Barbara.

We keep true to our mission and vision and will continue partnering with our customers in all current business lines while developing Barbara, our own first product.

We want to bring our experience in the security mobile market into IoT. Barbara is the device platform to deliver secure IoT solutions to the market with speed, reliability, and peace of mind.

We have an amazing year ahead and we want our customers, providers, and partners to share it with us. Keep tuned with us on, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, WEB.