Blockchain and IoT: a tandem for security

Blockchain already resonates as the buzzword of the moment. And the reality is that it is fast becoming a great trend in the era of digitalization. Among its multiple application areas, which are many more than bitcoin, are the Internet of Things, financial transactions or even electronic voting. On the other hand, the Internet of … Continued

IoT Day: Blockchain in IoT with Barbara

Did you know that the Internet of Things day is celebrated on April 9? In 2011, the IoT Council called for the first time the IoT community to celebrate this day, inviting all members of the Internet of Things community to talk about what IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all … Continued

Data ownership when using the Cloud in IoT, under debate

It’s the time for GDPR, explicit consent to the processing of data. And a great number of security breaches are made public day after day. That’s why we need to rethink who gets the ownership of the data generated with the IoT and stored in the cloud. Why do companies collect data and how do … Continued

Understanding Blockchain Security

Computer security and Blockchain are concepts that resonate very often. The most known field where they converge is probably in the digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, …). However, Blockchain applications have the potential to provide robustness to a more conventional and closer computing. This article aims to review the technologies, scope, and applications in which it … Continued

Logistics 4.0: The New Transportation Era

E-commerce was launched in the 90s. By this time, logistics processes were only meant to take the goods from one site to another. Today, the landscape has changed: we are in the era of Logistics 4.0. in which customer experience, efficiency, and sustainability prevail. Logistics 4.0 is a consequence of the digitization processes and the … Continued

Understanding The Architecture of Barbara OS

Barbara OS (Operating System) is the core of Barbara IoT technology. It is an Operating System for IoT devices, built in with security from the ground up, and specially designed for Industrial IoT deployments. Compatible with modern hardware architectures (ARM, x86), it is remotely manageable from the Barbara Panel dashboard, and it is the perfect … Continued

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Improve The Conditions of Social Groups?

In the beginning, Blockchain technology was closely linked to the Fintech industry due to its connection with the cryptocurrencies as well as the security it adds to transactions and to identity protection. However, each day there are more and more uses for Blockchain and we have even found ways for this technology to help the community and generate … Continued

Blockchain 101: What It Is And What It Is Not.

You have probably heard a lot of recent news about products, software and other things involving blockchain technology and you may have doubts about it. Here you have some tips to help you understand what blockchain is, what it is not and what it is close to being. What It Is Blockchain Is A Distributed … Continued

Blockchain In IoT: Risks Of Macrotools In Microdevices.

After blockchain took the world of cryptocurrencies by storm, it seems that the new goal is to conquer the “Internet of Things” world. However, it faces challenges whereby its potential may become its own enemy. Targeting the IoT world comes with no surprise due to its common features with the cryptocurrencies case: IoT devices play the … Continued