The importance of remote management in Industrial IoT

In a scenario where most people are working from home, the remote access and management of devices and systems is crucial. But beware of the security risks 2020 will be remembered as the year where a microscopic organism called COVID-19 put the whole world against the wall. An extremely contagious virus is forcing governments across … Continued

Things to consider when choosing an IoT Platform.

To select the best platform for your business, make sure it is safe, effective and usable. And make also sure it can be reused in all your projects and services What is an IoT platform? Despite the word “platform” is quite vague (and we engineers tend to abuse the term), with “IoT platform” we mean the … Continued

Blockchain and IoT: a tandem for security

Blockchain already resonates as the buzzword of the moment. And the reality is that it is fast becoming a great trend in the era of digitalization. Among its multiple application areas, which are many more than bitcoin, are the Internet of Things, financial transactions or even electronic voting. On the other hand, the Internet of … Continued

The importance of APIs in IoT

An API, acronym for Application Programming Interface, is a set of lines of code and specifications for two applications to communicate with each other. In other words, they serve as an interface between different programs. For example, they allow communication between an operating system and the programs or applications that we want to run on … Continued

Barbara Partners Day Debriefing

Last week, we hosted our first event specifically focused on our Partners, that we decided to call Barbara Partners Day. When we started designing the concept of what would soon become Barbara OS and Barbara Panel, we had something very clear: we would need partners to succeed. Barbara Software platform (formed by Barbara OS and … Continued

Data ownership when using the Cloud in IoT, under debate

It’s the time for GDPR, explicit consent to the processing of data. And a great number of security breaches are made public day after day. That’s why we need to rethink who gets the ownership of the data generated with the IoT and stored in the cloud. Why do companies collect data and how do … Continued

Why IoT Security is a hot topic?

In order to talk about security in the IoT, we must go back to the concept of “Internet of Things”. The IoT arises from the possibility of connecting all types of devices to a network to collect data and analyze them. It is precisely this ability to open to the network what makes the devices … Continued

The Importance of OTA Updates for IoT Devices

How many times have you received a notification on your mobile to update to the latest version of your operating system? IoT should follow this policy too. Gartner defines “Over-the-air” (OTA) as the ability to download applications, services and configurations through a mobile or cellular network. It is literally an update sent “over the air”, … Continued

These Have Been The Main Attacks To IoT Devices In 2018

According to the IoT Analytics report, the year 2018 has ended with more than 17 billion connected devices worldwide, of which 7 billion are dedicated to the IoT. As these connection points increase in number, the attacks on them also grow. According to a study performed by McAfee Labs, about 480 new threats per minute … Continued

What Can IoT Contribute To Photovoltaic Generation?

According to the Photovoltaic Yearbook, in 2017 there was more than 400 GW of photovoltaic power installed in the world. As this number increases, its production is more and more dispersed around the world. That’s why technologies such as the Internet of Things can be a great support for power generators. The growth in PV … Continued