What to consider when choosing hardware for an IoT deployment?

The opportunity offered by the IoT is as great as the challenge posed by IoT security. The latter no longer depends only on the software we use, but also the hardware that we have. We have already written on several occasions about the importance of security in IoT, and especially in the Industrial IoT, as … Continued

Why IoT Security is a hot topic?

In order to talk about security in the IoT, we must go back to the concept of “Internet of Things”. The IoT arises from the possibility of connecting all types of devices to a network to collect data and analyze them. It is precisely this ability to open to the network what makes the devices … Continued

The Importance of OTA Updates for IoT Devices

How many times have you received a notification on your mobile to update to the latest version of your operating system? IoT should follow this policy too. Gartner defines “Over-the-air” (OTA) as the ability to download applications, services and configurations through a mobile or cellular network. It is literally an update sent “over the air”, … Continued

These Have Been The Main Attacks To IoT Devices In 2018

According to the IoT Analytics report, the year 2018 has ended with more than 17 billion connected devices worldwide, of which 7 billion are dedicated to the IoT. As these connection points increase in number, the attacks on them also grow. According to a study performed by McAfee Labs, about 480 new threats per minute … Continued

Buying Technology at Christmas With Security

Christmas arrives and with it the time to buy gifts. We approach our nearest shopping center or start surfing the Net to collect ideas. This year we want to buy something related to technology. Enough buying socks for everyone. We have thought of buying our parents a video surveillance camera for their house. With it, … Continued

Saint Barbara, Barbara IoT and Computing Security

It is no accident that the International Computing Security Day is celebrated on November 30th. And that only 4 days later, we honor Saint Barbara, the patron saint of security among other things. Nor that our name is Barbara IoT. In the intro of this post, we have cited 2 times the security word, and … Continued

Understanding Blockchain Security

Computer security and Blockchain are concepts that resonate very often. The most known field where they converge is probably in the digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, …). However, Blockchain applications have the potential to provide robustness to a more conventional and closer computing. This article aims to review the technologies, scope, and applications in which it … Continued

UX Design for IoT: The UX of Security 3/3

Don Norman, was the first User Experience architect that Apple hired in 1993. Today, he is considered the father of User Experience (UX) design. Standing out for having a good UI and UX is crucial for companies, not only for Apple, both at the marketing and at the consumer levels. In previous articles UX design … Continued

Understanding The Architecture of Barbara OS

Barbara OS (Operating System) is the core of Barbara IoT technology. It is an Operating System for IoT devices, built in with security from the ground up, and specially designed for Industrial IoT deployments. Compatible with modern hardware architectures (ARM, x86), it is remotely manageable from the Barbara Panel dashboard, and it is the perfect … Continued

Cybersecurity 101: Debriefing

One of our missions at Barbara IoT is to make information about the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity more accessible. That is why, on April 9th, we organized an ┬áIoT Day meetup following the invitation of the IoT Council to carry out an event, hackathon or afterwork with people interested in the Internet of Things. … Continued