Android Oreo, Another Boost To Android Security (Among Other Features)

Coinciding with the solar eclipse, yesterday, Google took the opportunity to launch the new version of its operating system Android 8.0, “O”, which will be known as Android Oreo. Android Oreo does not have a significant interface change, most features are related to UX, security and energy efficiency. Some nice features include “Picture in Picture” which … Continued

Android Security Advice: Isolate Your Banking Apps And Sensitive Data

One of the most privacy-sensitive usages of Android Smartphones today is to access our online accounts through banking apps. Back in January, the security firm Securify B.V. discovered a malware they named BankBot, embedded in an app called “Funny Videos 2017”. “Funny Videos” was actually useful for what its name suggested, it contained a set … Continued

The Importance Of Hearing. Working With Mimi.

Our society often acts as if sight is the only sense that matters. We are more impressed when we are visually stimulated. We are surrounded by big visual stimuli and there is a clear prevalence of sight over the other senses. The truth is that hearing is vital in our environment: the main communication channel … Continued

Health And Sports Solutions By Hexxa

Hexxa, is a technology company focused on delivering health and sports solutions by offering a wide range of solutions for sports and health including smartphones, wearables, and payment solutions. TipTap Labs has reached an agreement with Hexxa for the optimization of Hexxa’s devices firmware. Hexxa was receiving default firmware packages from the manufacturing facilities, which had … Continued