Elections And Technology: The Vote Of The Future

The decrease in participation among young people has made the European Parliament put forward measures to encourage voting among these new generations. This could only happen through innovation in the technology used in electoral systems. The time has come for online voting systems. We are in the electoral period for the European Parliament and the … Continued

Working With UX Teams In Software Development

Most companies create UX teams (user experience) to improve the quality of their products and usability, so far so good. But at what stage are they starting their UX processes? The role of a UX designer in software development depends almost entirely on the business culture and what the company believes this designer does. It … Continued

Buying Technology at Christmas With Security

Christmas arrives and with it the time to buy gifts. We approach our nearest shopping center or start surfing the Net to collect ideas. This year we want to buy something related to technology. Enough buying socks for everyone. We have thought of buying our parents a video surveillance camera for their house. With it, … Continued

Implications of 5G in The Applications of The Internet of Things

Smart Cities, cars, kitchens, locks, clothes … any element that we are accustomed to using in our life is becoming smart. This means that data is being collected and analyzed through internet connectivity and an improved connectivity standard is necessary for these devices to survive and progress. 5G The New Era of Connectivity According to … Continued

So We Lived The IoT Solutions World Congress 2018

It is not the first time we say it: according to Gartner, in 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices. And the fourth edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress (“IoT SWC18” hereinafter) in Barcelona was held on October 16th to 18th with this in mind. IoT SWC18, which has already become … Continued

Understanding The Architecture of Barbara OS

Barbara OS (Operating System) is the core of Barbara IoT technology. It is an Operating System for IoT devices, built in with security from the ground up, and specially designed for Industrial IoT deployments. Compatible with modern hardware architectures (ARM, x86), it is remotely manageable from the Barbara Panel dashboard, and it is the perfect … Continued

Here Comes The Sun… And Smart Tourism Too (part 2/3)

If you have just returned from vacation and yearn for mornings on the beach and afternoons by the pool, let us refresh you with a new theme: how is technology improving our beaches? Technology and more specifically the Internet of Things (IoT hereinafter) is being a clear facilitator in many areas such as agriculture or industry. … Continued

The Internet of Beers

Controlling the production processes and knowing the consumer behavior are two of the great attractions that the Internet of Things (IoT) permits. IoT devices are becoming part of our daily lives. But it is the Industrial sector which is being the main player in their expansion. The Internet of Things devices allow the collection very valuable information that helps … Continued

The Connected Industry

by Carlos Marcos, guest contributor The image of a smart Factory, where each and every element in all of its production process is connected through IoT, is common across different industries. Making it real needs to be part of the strategy of those who want to operate in a global and more competitive market. Concepts such as … Continued

IoT and Sport; Faster, Higher and More Connected

Performance measurement and continuous monitoring are probably one of the most important use cases when we talk about the Internet of Things (hereinafter also “IoT”) in the world of sports. However, it is not the only one and this has become apparent with the recent celebration of the most technified football World Cup in history, the … Continued