Cybersecurity 101: Debriefing




One of our missions at Barbara IoT is to make information about the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity more accessible. That is why, on April 9th, we organized an  IoT Day meetup following the invitation of the IoT Council to carry out an event, hackathon or afterwork with people interested in the Internet of Things.

After this experience, and following our mission, we decided to continue building our community around these topics.

Why? Because we believe that anyone can become the weakest link in your organization and that it is necessary for everyone to have the tools to protect themselves against possible incidences of cybersecurity. Therefore, on June 4th we decided to provide a basic course of “Cybersecurity 101” with Luis Cuervo, our Security Manager.

The meeting was an informal “afterwork” in our new offices where diverse profiles took part, from students who wanted to delve deeper into Cybersecurity, to more technical profiles. Each one contributed their part and the atmosphere was very relaxed and participative.

Together, we were able to share ideas, learn about good practices and tools that allow us to protect ourselves against potential security threats and even discuss how the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) influences Cybersecurity, both individually and at a company level.

New opinions and suggestions were added to the tips that Luis Cuervo provided us which we took note of here at Barbara IoT and are already analyzing.

Finally, and in a more relaxed way, we had the opportunity to share more opinions and experiences over snacks and beers.

At Barbara, we support this type of initiatives, both organizing them internally or with external partners. And after having achieved a high average mark in our satisfaction survey, we will continue working to offer you more meetings of this kind, where according to the attendees, the closeness, naturalness, simplicity, and duration all prevailed.

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Thank you very much, everyone, for coming!


Article written by Cristina Marcos, Marketing Manager at Barbara IoT.