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IoT Day: Blockchain in IoT with Barbara


Did you know that the Internet of Things day is celebrated on April 9?

In 2011, the IoT Council called for the first time the IoT community to celebrate this day, inviting all members of the Internet of Things community to talk about what IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all of us.

IoT Day talk at Go Madrid.

For this reason, and to celebrate this IoT Day, at Barbara IoT we decided to create a meetup event in which to talk about how Blockchain technology can work together with the Internet of Things in industrial environments. Thanks to the contribution of the Go Madrid ecosystem, we were able to hold the event in an exclusive location, in the center of Madrid.

Juan Pérez-Bedmar giving a talk for the IoT Day at Go Madrid.

The talk began with an introduction about what the Internet of Things is and what is not, what are its applications, and how big is the opportunity for the Industrial IoT nowadays. Our Pre-sales Manager,  Juan Pérez-Bedmar, could also speak a little about how Barbara software is contributing to securing the Industrial IoT.

After him, our founder and CPO, Isidro Nistal delved into what Blockchain is and how it adds value to the Internet of Things. Bearing in mind the complexity of the environments for the Industrial IoT, it makes sense to see a fit between Blockchain and IoT, as the former can be used as a guarantor of a contract. More precisely, Isidro named different business cases in which Blockchain and IoT can work together such as:

  • Guaranteeing the integrity of the cold chain.
  • Managing assets in the logistics industry.
  • Ensuring the traceability of food.
  • Dynamizing car insurance.
  • Making energy production data more reliable.
  • Guaranteeing the reliability of the data in cases of shared parking.
Isidro Nistal talking about Blockchain in the IoT Day at Go Madrid.

In addition, we take the opportunity to announce that Barbara software has already been tested with IBM’ blockchain, based on Hyperledger Fabric. Barbara Aqua, the latest software version of Barbara, includes the possibility of using IBM’s blockchain, to start building killer IoT solutions. Isidro did a demo on how it works: thanks to a very intuitive management dashboard, companies can create contracts and receive alerts when one of the values goes out of range. For example, in the case of guaranteeing the integrity of the cold chain, by creating a contract and registering it in the blockchain, companies can receive alerts once the temperature is too low or too high. Avoiding and controlling ruptures of cold chain is now simple and visual thanks to Barbara and IBM.

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Article written by Cristina Marcos, Marketing Manager at Barbara IoT.

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