Last Monday (April 9th) we celebrated the IoT Day, an occasion where the IoT Council invited the whole IoT community to organize and engage in several events, hackathons or to simple share some beers with people interested in IoT.

So we in Barbara decided to set up our first meetup, “Gathering about IoT Security: Risks and challenges”, an event we organized together with Synergic Partners and IoT Analytics Spain.

We gather people from several different areas: technology, marketing, corporate… but all with a common interest: IoT and Security.

It was an informal afterwork meetup in our office about IoT Security where we wanted people to participate as much as possible. We exchange opinions and views about the challenges that the complex and rising world of IoT is facing on Security.

We began by briefly introducing and analyzing the concepts of “Internet of Things” and “Smart objects”. We then started our debate/conversation about IoT Security, which was conducted and moderated by our Product Marketing Manager, Juan Pérez-Bedmar. We debate about really interesting questions such as ¿What are the security risks IoT is facing?, ¿Which have been the top cyberattacks affecting IoT? or ¿What are public administrations and companies doing to prevent and protect themselves against potential security threats?.

We learned the opinions of the participants on all those topics and we enriched the conversation by adding our views and knowledge on them too.

Finally, we had the opportunity to exchange more opinions and experiences in a more relaxed way by sharing some beers and snacks. 

The experience was extremely positive so we will definitely repeat by hosting a series of new meetups and events on topics concerning IoT, Blockchain and Security among others, throughout 2018.


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Thanks to all participants!