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Monolitic presents a new platform based on Barbara OS


It is a new industrial development tool that will facilite the deployment of IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

Monolitic, the provider of technology solutions for the industrial market and partner of Barbara IoT, has announced they will launch a new industrial development platform for the Industry 4.0 based on Barbara OS, the secure edge software developed by Barbara IoT.

The growing presence of IoT deployments in the industrial sector (known as Industrial IoT or IIoT) demonstrates the need for hardware and software platforms that allow for rapid development of solutions in a secure manner. To that end, Monolitic will market a hardware platform that natively includes the secure operating system for IoT, Barbara OS, the core of the Barbara platform.

This way, industrial integrators and other suppliers can develop solutions for the Industry 4.0 with the security and scalability offered by Barbara’s software. In addition, thanks to the remote management engine, Barbara Panel, these providers can easily manage their devices throughout their entire life cycle.

According to David Purón, CEO of Barbara IoT, “After having implemented Barbara in sectors such as energy or logistics, the collaboration with a partner of the experience and trajectory of Monolitic, will allow us to address deep industrial environments, where the offered solution will shorten development times and will respond to the most important challenges that solution providers come across in Industry 4.0 projects. ”

Jordi Gutiérrez, General Director of Monolitic, adds: “As specialists in the integration of industrial systems and thanks to cooperation with partners such as Barbara IoT, from Monolitic we offer robust and complete solutions to develop IoT devices in the most demanding industrial environments. A clear example of this is the development of the new ARM Platform, which consists of an industrial motherboard and a safe, reliable and modular operating system. In addition, it includes natively the cellular connectivity service, as well as a monitoring and remote management platform for the devices that incorporate the solution”.