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Saint Barbara, Barbara IoT and Computing Security




It is no accident that the International Computing Security Day is celebrated on November 30th. And that only 4 days later, we honor Saint Barbara, the patron saint of security among other things. Nor that our name is Barbara IoT.

In the intro of this post, we have cited 2 times the security word, and 2 others we have named Barbara. And this why? Because at Barbara IoT we believe that security is one of the most important things when you consider an IoT deployment.

As time goes by, there are more and more use cases of the Internet of Things. This technology has been integrated little by little in many aspects of our lives. Among others, IoT is gaining great strength in homes, in business processes, in cities, and in different industries. And a hack in any of these can cause not only a big headache but also economic losses practically unaffordable. Given this, there is a need to have a methodological approach that addresses security as a principle and purpose of products that carry integrated software.

With this in mind, at Barbara IoT, we have implemented the security-by-design methodology in our philosophy, which means developing our products securely from the start. Thanks to this, we have managed to have an open source operating system (Barbara OS) ready for developers to build on it IoT services through an SDK quickly and easily.

Thus, our products have been created in such a way as to ensure the integrity of both the installed software and the stored data. Among others:

  • We have generated a Blockchain SDK for our OS, which allows our customers to install an Ethereum library in their IoT deployments,
  • We have created a management dashboard (Barbara Panel) from which our customers can monitor the health of their IoT devices, update the installed software remotely, and also configure them without needing to go device to device performing the action.

Barbara Panel

These characteristics of our products are born from a premise that we believe is key: the IoT device is the weakest link in the security chain of IoT deployments. Therefore, it is necessary that there is a product that helps us to guarantee this security in a simple way, being able to focus the efforts in the development of the services per se.

Behind all this, is our concern for security. Companies seem to be increasingly aware of the need to have ways to secure processes and operations. But the practice tells us that not all are implementing the measures properly. As of Saint Barbara, “we only remember cybersecurity when it thunders” (Spanish saying), and our mission is to make security measures proactive, and to stop the arrival of the storm.

If you have liked what you have read, we invite you to get in touch with us, so that together we can create secure IoT services.