Saint Barbara, Barbara IoT and Computing Security

It is no accident that the International Computing Security Day is celebrated on November 30th. And that only 4 days later, we honor Saint Barbara, the patron saint of security among other things. Nor that our name is Barbara IoT. In the intro of this post, we have cited 2 times the security word, and … Continued

IoT Also Applies To Fashion Stores

June is over and the sale signs are already hanging on all the shop windows and showcases. This year, after a 6.2% drop in clothing sales in May caused mainly by the weather, clothing brands will have to go beyond the traditional discounts and focus more on the customer’s experience in order to sell more and … Continued

Cybersecurity 101: Debriefing

One of our missions at Barbara IoT is to make information about the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity more accessible. That is why, on April 9th, we organized an  IoT Day meetup following the invitation of the IoT Council to carry out an event, hackathon or afterwork with people interested in the Internet of Things. … Continued

IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices

Recently, The Industrial Internet Consortium released an interesting paper with their Recommended Security Best Practices for the Endpoint. Barbara IoT is always excited with this kind of initiatives as we strongly believe that there is a lot of work to do in IoT security and the device is probably the weakest link currently present in … Continued

TipTap Labs Becomes Barbara. Welcome, Barbara!

At TipTap Labs we are happy to announce that we will be consolidating all of our operations under one brand: Barbara. From now onwards, our brand Barbara becomes the face of our company. Our professional services unit will be now known as Barbara Labs. Tiptap Labs was born almost one year ago full of great ideas … Continued