Starters Bootcamp: Debriefing

Last July, two of our managers, Ana Rosa Gonzalez (UI / UX Manager) and Miguel Angel Fernandez (Product Manager) took the opportunity to participate in Starters Bootcamp. Starters Bootcamp is a summer camp for youngsters between 14 and 18 years old, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. It aims to develop abilities which are not normally taught at … Continued

Cybersecurity 101: Debriefing

One of our missions at Barbara IoT is to make information about the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity more accessible. That is why, on April 9th, we organized an  IoT Day meetup following the invitation of the IoT Council to carry out an event, hackathon or afterwork with people interested in the Internet of Things. … Continued

IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices

Recently, The Industrial Internet Consortium released an interesting paper with their Recommended Security Best Practices for the Endpoint. Barbara IoT is always excited with this kind of initiatives as we strongly believe that there is a lot of work to do in IoT security and the device is probably the weakest link currently present in … Continued

Barbara In The Asia IoT Business Platform

Last week Barbara IoT,  in collaboration with the European-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EU-MCCI), traveled to Malaysia to attend the Asia IoT Business Platform and meet relevant agents in the ASEAN IoT market. The Show Barbara had a booth in the EU Pavilion of the show, together with other European IoT-related companies such as Cumulocity, … Continued

TipTap Labs Becomes Barbara. Welcome, Barbara!

At TipTap Labs we are happy to announce that we will be consolidating all of our operations under one brand: Barbara. From now onwards, our brand Barbara becomes the face of our company. Our professional services unit will be now known as Barbara Labs. Tiptap Labs was born almost one year ago full of great ideas … Continued

IoT Security Audits (1/2)

Are you developing or have you developed an IoT product but you are not sure how to address its security? Here are some tips: Do a third party security audit Do another third-party security audit Do a third party security audit Go back to step 1 Joking apart, with the latest events related to ransomware, organizations … Continued

Health And Sports Solutions By Hexxa

Hexxa, is a technology company focused on delivering health and sports solutions by offering a wide range of solutions for sports and health including smartphones, wearables, and payment solutions. TipTap Labs has reached an agreement with Hexxa for the optimization of Hexxa’s devices firmware. Hexxa was receiving default firmware packages from the manufacturing facilities, which had … Continued

IoT, Automation And The Next Revolution To Come

The USA Presidential Office (during Obama´s presidency) has recently published a report predicting the loss of 3.1 million professional drivers working today due to autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, according to an OCDE study, an average of 9% of the current jobs in countries of the OCDE can potentially be automated. It gets as high as 12 % in the case … Continued