IoT Security Audits (2/2): IoT Threat Modelling

Last week we talked about the importance of doing third-party security assessments when designing an IoT product. In this second post of the series, we will talk about the first phase of these assessments: threat modeling. IoT threat modeling is the activity of identifying and quantifying the security risks associated with an IoT product and its … Continued

Health And Sports Solutions By Hexxa

Hexxa, is a technology company focused on delivering health and sports solutions by offering a wide range of solutions for sports and health including smartphones, wearables, and payment solutions. TipTap Labs has reached an agreement with Hexxa for the optimization of Hexxa’s devices firmware. Hexxa was receiving default firmware packages from the manufacturing facilities, which had … Continued

IoT, Automation And The Next Revolution To Come

The USA Presidential Office (during Obama´s presidency) has recently published a report predicting the loss of 3.1 million professional drivers working today due to autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, according to an OCDE study, an average of 9% of the current jobs in countries of the OCDE can potentially be automated. It gets as high as 12 % in the case … Continued