Blockchain and IoT: a tandem for security

Blockchain already resonates as the buzzword of the moment. And the reality is that it is fast becoming a great trend in the era of digitalization. Among its multiple application areas, which are many more than bitcoin, are the Internet of Things, financial transactions or even electronic voting. On the other hand, the Internet of … Continued

Why IoT Security is a hot topic?

In order to talk about security in the IoT, we must go back to the concept of “Internet of Things”. The IoT arises from the possibility of connecting all types of devices to a network to collect data and analyze them. It is precisely this ability to open to the network what makes the devices … Continued

Barbara IoT y Ártica ST Firman Un Acuerdo De Colaboración Tecnológica

Barbara IoT, compañía que desarrolla software seguro para la gestión del ciclo de vida de los dispositivos IoT cuenta con un Programa para Partners tecnológicos y autorizados. Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas, compañía que desarrolla Pandora FMS, entra a formar parte de este ecosistema como partner tecnológico. Esta alianza, que se ha hecho efectiva esta semana, permite … Continued

What Can IoT Contribute To Photovoltaic Generation?

According to the Photovoltaic Yearbook, in 2017 there was more than 400 GW of photovoltaic power installed in the world. As this number increases, its production is more and more dispersed around the world. That’s why technologies such as the Internet of Things can be a great support for power generators. The growth in PV … Continued

Barbara Trial Program Is Out!

We are making a set of tools available for companies that want to try out our solution. Barbara IoT’s vision is to make professional IoT deployments easy and secure. To accomplish that goal, we want to provide companies with the necessary tools to avoid the complexity of the data gathering and device maintenance. That’s why … Continued

Understanding Blockchain Security

Computer security and Blockchain are concepts that resonate very often. The most known field where they converge is probably in the digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, …). However, Blockchain applications have the potential to provide robustness to a more conventional and closer computing. This article aims to review the technologies, scope, and applications in which it … Continued

Logistics 4.0: The New Transportation Era

E-commerce was launched in the 90s. By this time, logistics processes were only meant to take the goods from one site to another. Today, the landscape has changed: we are in the era of Logistics 4.0. in which customer experience, efficiency, and sustainability prevail. Logistics 4.0 is a consequence of the digitization processes and the … Continued

Barbara IoT y OneseQ Firman Un Acuerdo De Partnership Que Lleva a La Ciberseguridad y al IoT al Siguiente Nivel

Barbara IoT, compañía que desarrolla software seguro para la gestión del ciclo de vida de los dispositivos IoT amplía su oferta con este nuevo acuerdo con OneseQ, el área de Ciberseguridad de Alhambra-Eidos. El acuerdo, culminado esta semana, supone una sinergia para ambas firmas que les permite ofrecer un servicio altamente cualificado en torno a … Continued

Implications of 5G in The Applications of The Internet of Things

Smart Cities, cars, kitchens, locks, clothes … any element that we are accustomed to using in our life is becoming smart. This means that data is being collected and analyzed through internet connectivity and an improved connectivity standard is necessary for these devices to survive and progress. 5G The New Era of Connectivity According to … Continued