Buying Technology at Christmas With Security

Christmas arrives and with it the time to buy gifts. We approach our nearest shopping center or start surfing the Net to collect ideas. This year we want to buy something related to technology. Enough buying socks for everyone. We have thought of buying our parents a video surveillance camera for their house. With it, … Continued

UX Design for IoT: The UX of Security 3/3

Don Norman, was the first User Experience architect that Apple hired in 1993. Today, he is considered the father of User Experience (UX) design. Standing out for having a good UI and UX is crucial for companies, not only for Apple, both at the marketing and at the consumer levels. In previous articles UX design … Continued

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Improve The Conditions of Social Groups?

In the beginning, Blockchain technology was closely linked to the Fintech industry due to its connection with the cryptocurrencies as well as the security it adds to transactions and to identity protection. However, each day there are more and more uses for Blockchain and we have even found ways for this technology to help the community and generate … Continued

IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices

Recently, The Industrial Internet Consortium released an interesting paper with their Recommended Security Best Practices for the Endpoint. Barbara IoT is always excited with this kind of initiatives as we strongly believe that there is a lot of work to do in IoT security and the device is probably the weakest link currently present in … Continued

Security And Smart Homes

You leave the office after a long day’s  work, and on your way back, you take out your mobile phone and with a simple gesture you send a command to your kitchen robot for it to begin to make the dinner, set the temperature of the thermostat to 24ºC and check that your teenager son or … Continued

Barbara In The Asia IoT Business Platform

Last week Barbara IoT,  in collaboration with the European-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EU-MCCI), traveled to Malaysia to attend the Asia IoT Business Platform and meet relevant agents in the ASEAN IoT market. The Show Barbara had a booth in the EU Pavilion of the show, together with other European IoT-related companies such as Cumulocity, … Continued

Facebook And Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right for the evolution of a society. There is no qestion about it, it is included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional agreements. The lack of privacy limits people’s freedom of association and speech, … Continued

Where Is The eHealth Heading To?

Almost all sectors of society are evolving and in one way or another, making use of the technical innovations that are arising, and Health is not an exception. Medicine evolution has historically been linked to scientific innovations, but also to technical and technological ones. Since the use of the first mechanical tools, medical instrumentation has continually and … Continued

Meltdown And Spectre: An Introduction

You might have recently heard about two security breaches affecting many Intel-based computers, named Meltdown and Spectre. But, what are they and why are they so critical? A Short Story… It was in the 90’s and computers processors manufacturers were fiercely competing in a cat-and-mouse game to bring the best processor to the market. One … Continued

Are Companies Taking Cybersecurity Seriously?

Year after year, concerns about cyber attacks keep on growing among corporate organizations. Both the impact of the attacks that occurred last year and the perception of how necessary security is have grown in 2017. Those are the overall conclusions of the extract from Ernst & Young’s 2017 Global Information Security Survey (GISS), the 20th edition of … Continued