Barbara Software Platform

Barbara Software Platform enables IoT device manufacturers to boost their level of security and reduce time to market. It is composed by Barbara OS, a secure state-of-the-art Operating System for IoT devices, and Barbara Panel, a remote console that allows businesses to monitor and deploy large IoT deployments securely.

overviewBarbara OSBarbara Panel

Barbara Software Platform allows your company to abstract from the complexity of IoT. It is composed by Barbara OS running in devices, and the Barbara Panel that allows to monitor and manage the deployments. Both components can run independently, and can be easily integrated with your services an applications through a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs.



Barbara Architecture

Operating System

Barbara OS constitutes the core of the platform and the basis to build a secure environment around the device. It is open source, public and freely downloadable.

Secured Linux Kernel

The heart of the platform

A Linux kernel built from scratch to be trusted. Barbara kernel has been designed to operate in several architectures and devices with limited processing capabilities but at the same time with professional security level.

The kernel enables communication between sensors, actuators, communication modules and applications of the IoT device in a secure and efficient manner.

Data Encryption

Barbara keeps your data safe

One of the biggest threats of IoT is the physical access that usually exists to the device. Barbara maintains your data encrypted at all times. Our technology allows low computing devices to encrypt in an efficient manner. All your data and certificates are safe so attacks to your network through an IoT device are minimized.

Encrypted Communications

Data transmissions secured end to end.

Barbara communication SDKs are designed to encrypt all communications originated on the device independently of the physical layer used.

Native Blockchain Support

Build your own distributed ledger with Barbara open blockchain library

Barbara offers a native library to build a decentralized ledger in your IoT deployment. We provide the tools that abstracts you from the complexity, you create the next blockchain killer application.

Multiple SDKs for App Programming

Designed as an Open Platform

Openness is at the center of our philosophy. Barbara is open source and we provide APIs and SDKs to be able to develop your business solutions the way you want. We support main cloud providers and programming languages in our Operating System to facilitate integration and improve time to market.


Barbara Panel is the server side solution to manage all the device elements of your Barbara deployment. It provides a simple and centralized console for OTA update management, device monitoring and deployment configuration management.

OTA Update Management

Transparent Device Updates in your deployment

Group your devices according to your needs. Check their current version and update them with a single click securely over the air. Keeping your devices up to date is the only way to be sure of their safety.

Not only will you be able to update Barbara OS but also, thanks to our open APIs, your business application will benefit from our secure update management.

Device Monitoring

Devices Health shown in a simple dashboard

Barbara panel monitors deployment devices’ health. Deployment administrators can manage devices´ status in a single point and receive alarms if device monitoring parameters go out of range so they can act consequently.

Apart from prevention, with Barbara you can also react against malicious attacks, by defining security policies for your IoT deployment. Each policy consists of a set of security rules and settings that will be executed under certain circumstances. For instance, you could define a policy including a rule that, if the GPS position of an IoT device in particular changes (and it’s supposed to be static) it will perform a factory reset, so that it is disconnected from your network and any sensitive data is erased.

Device configuration and deployment

Deploy and change configuration of devices easily

Deployment is costly and usually one of the weakest links for security in any IoT deployment. When deploying a new set of IoT devices in the field, the configuration of them becomes a challenge due to the number of devices as well as the access limitations to some of them. Using Barbara Panel your device can be deployed plug´n play in a secure manner by remotely provisioning all devices for your business specific settings and your security policies defined.

Barbara adapts to your business topology, the administrator can decide how devices are grouped, deployed and later configured remotely. Operational costs linked to initial configuration and maintenance of an IoT deployment are dramatically reduced with Barbara Panel.

Barbara´s open APIs make the integration of an IoT deployment with your current business tools transparent and quick. Barbara is compatible with the main IoT tools providers of the market.