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2023. The year of EDGE AI

Gartner's Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar shows IT leaders where to capitalize on market opportunities. Its latest feature for 2023 points to EDGE AI as the next breakthrough technology. With the growing demand for real-time AI solutions and the need for decentralized data processing, AI at the Edge has been positioned as a critical technology this year.


Servitization: as-a-service manufacturing in industry

Industrial servitization is a hot topic right now as new technologies emerge that harness real-time data. In an increasingly competitive market servitization is the way to open new business lines, improve customer loyalty and, in addition, comply with sustainability goals. Manufacturers can now make a profit from services by making their products last longer and avoid waste as much as possible. They can also recycle parts of broken products for reuse or recycle an integral part of these services.

Smart Manufacturing
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