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Applications and Emerging Technologies at the Edge

Edge Computing is increasingly present in the industry. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the survey of more than 200 industrial companies, in which we wanted to gather information on the degree of edge implementation and the next technologies to come. Find out more in the following article.


How the Edge is transforming asset management in critical environments

As part of the rise of the Industrial Internet, all machinery, transportation and facilities are being equipped with a new generation of instruments and sensors that generate petabytes of data and that, thanks to the advance of artificial intelligence and Edge Computing, make it possible to implement predictive maintenance applications with real-time responsiveness.


Flexibility in the Smart Grid with Barbara Edge Technology

Moving towards a decentralized, intelligent and cybersecure Smart Grid involves a series of challenges that we explain in our new site


Barbara IoT raises 2.5 M€ in funding from Caixa Capital Risc and Iberdrola

«We already work with multinationals in sectors such as electricity, water management, critical infrastructure and telecommunications. This financing round will allow us to grow in these markets and accelerate our European expansion.” David Purón CEO and Co-founder


Barbara provides its Industrial Edge Platform for Iberdrola’s Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

Barbara’s Edge Platform allows the deployment of algorithms from different authors in the same Edge Node and facilitates its remote management in a cybersecure fashion.


Barbara IoT presents its solutions for the Industrial Edge at BeDigital 2021

Under the name of "Technological Island" driven by GAIA and located in a 200 square meters space, Barbara IoT will present its Cybersecure Platform for the Industrial Edge.

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