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How industrial companies can reduce their energy costs with Edge Computing

Edge computing plays a key role in sustainability and energy efficiency because it is specifically designed to bring applications and data closer to devices and their users. Increasing the deployment of edge solutions could be one of the answers to achieve the energy optimization goal that the industry is looking for.


Predictive Artificial Intelligence for Port Governance

The Consortium created by Barbara IoT, RKL and Keynetic, will develop the pilot project - Global Safey and Security Center - for Puertos del Estado whose objective is to manage security, physical and logical, through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.


IoT Edge Computing, edge nodes and industrial use cases

Edge Computing technology has emerged as one of the hottest new technology proposals; data does not need to be fully centralised, instead some of it can be processed on distributed computers called Edge Nodes, that is, in the same place where the data is being generated.


IoT in Emergency Services

IoT in the emergency services sector seeks to solve the 3 major challenges: early detection of incidents, equipment operability and intervention efficiency.

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