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The Benefits of Virtualizing Electrical Substations

Companies are increasingly interested in virtualizing electrical equipment because it offers a range of benefits for their operations. Firstly, virtualization reduces the need for physical infrastructure, which can result in cost savings, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased safety. In this article we talk about Electrical Substations and the benefits of separating hardware and software.

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Edge Computing and Blockchain for energy optimization management in energy communities.

Barbara´s technology is being implemented for the management and exploitation of energy resources in Local Energy Communities at ELKARTEN Project. It will also secure data exchange of energy generation and consumption amongst their members.

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Smart devices for a cybersecure power grid with Edge Computing

Barbara joins Sec2Grid Project to accelerate and improve the process of discovery, detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities in grid devices, as a basis for the specification of cybersecurity management requirements in a Smart Grid system.

Smart Grid

Smart Grids: a guide to everything you need to know about them

In this post we reveal everything you need to know about Smart Grids, the intelligent electricity distribution networks that efficiently integrate the behavior and actions of all users connected to it.

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Artificial Intelligence for addressing the energy industry’s biggest challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the greatest catalyst for technological innovation in history, with countless applications in the energy sector. Key examples are the optimisation of production and storage, smart market trading, consumer savings and efficient consumption models for reducing carbon footprints, among others.

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Could the Internet of Energy be the solution to the biggest energy crisis in history?

A new concept resonates in recent times among analysts and professionals in the energy sector: the Internet of Energy. It is a trend that has arisen from the urgency caused by the accumulation of events affecting a sector that is more in crisis than ever. Factors such as climate change, international conflicts, the supply crisis, escalating prices and new regulatory requirements have put the sector in the spotlight.

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