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Monitoring the unknown with Mytra and Barbara

Do you want to know how you can monitor all your distributed assets and regain control over them? Join us on April 18th at 17:30 to our DEMO & BEERS together with Mytra at Advanced Factories.

Smart Manufacturing

Interoperability in industry: Why is it essential to digitalize the sector?

The digitization of industry requires interoperability for data sharing and process automation. We delve into how Edge Computing plays a critical role in achieving interoperability by executing data processing at the source, rather than sending it to a centralized location, and at the same time reducing latency, increasing security, and improving the scalability of the system.

Smart Manufacturing

Servitization: as-a-service manufacturing in industry

Industrial servitization is a hot topic right now as new technologies emerge that harness real-time data. In an increasingly competitive market servitization is the way to open new business lines, improve customer loyalty and, in addition, comply with sustainability goals. Manufacturers can now make a profit from services by making their products last longer and avoid waste as much as possible. They can also recycle parts of broken products for reuse or recycle an integral part of these services.

Smart Manufacturing

AI for predictive and preventive industrial maintenance

One of the main applications of artificial intelligence in industrial environments is predictive maintenance. If before there was a human maintenance team, with protocols and routines for 'review and monitoring' (and repair if necessary) of each segment or area of the production chain, AI can do it much more accurately and with fewer resources.

Smart Manufacturing

Industrial Servitization What is it and why is it the future for manufacturers?

The digital revolution is accelerating industrial transformation. Ubiquitous innovation, global markets, and increasingly demanding customers who no longer seek just a product, but a comprehensive service tailored to their needs are forcing manufacturers to transform their business models and move from one-off sales to one of higher value-added services.

Smart Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance: how IoT helps reduce O&M costs

New technologies are changing maintenance techniques. In just five years, predictive maintenance has gone from an uncertain use case to a fast-growing application with a clear return on investment.

Smart Manufacturing
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