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Industrial Servitization What is it and why is it the future for manufacturers?

The digital revolution is accelerating industrial transformation. Ubiquitous innovation, global markets, and increasingly demanding customers who no longer seek just a product, but a comprehensive service tailored to their needs are forcing manufacturers to transform their business models and move from one-off sales to one of higher value-added services.

Smart Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance: how IoT helps reduce O&M costs

New technologies are changing maintenance techniques. In just five years, predictive maintenance has gone from an uncertain use case to a fast-growing application with a clear return on investment.

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Industrial maintenance in the cognitive era. Interview with Diego Galar (part 3)

"To the human being we have to give back the values that with the pure and hard Taylorism of repetitive tasks was the antithesis of what Modern Industry is." Diego Galar

Smart Manufacturing

New business models in Industrial Maintenance. We interview Diego Galar (part 2)

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many small companies and start ups appear with much more affordable, much cheaper technology and start deploying data collection architecture in all types of large, medium and small companies and start providing services to companies that previously could not afford it.

Smart Manufacturing

Evolution of industrial preventive maintenance. We interview Diego Galar (part 1)

With the arrival of 4.0 technologies, maintenance "has changed the pace" are the words of Diego Galar, one of the leading maintenance experts in Spain. In this interview we take a look at the impact of maintenance technologies over the last decades until the arrival of Industry 5.0.

Smart Manufacturing

How to optimise the maintenance of your industrial devices with IoT technology

More than half of the electronic devices manufactured in the world are already IoT, i.e. they are capable of communicating data over computer networks. The possibilities facilitated by IoT applications allow to go further in industrial maintenance; going from preventive maintenance to predictive and even prescriptive maintenance.

Smart Manufacturing
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