Barbara will extend PLATOON Platform to the Edge to digitise the European energy sector

The mission of PLATOON project is to develop a Big Data platform to optimise the entire energy system from generation, distribution and consumption with disruptive technologies such as the IoT Edge Computing.

Written by:
Miren Zabaleta

PLATOON (Digital PLAtform and analytic TOOls for eNergy), a project within the H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is directed to digitise the European electricity through the adoption of disrupting technologies. The mission of PLATOON project is to develop a Big Data platform to optimise the entire energy system from generation, distribution and consumption with disruptive technologies such as Industrial IoT Edge.

Big Data and an Energy Marketplace

The IoT Edge technology will enable distributed processing or edge computing to optimise the management of energy systems in real time and to enable stakeholders in the energy value chain to access data easily. The data governance among different stakeholders for multi-party data exchange, coordination and cooperation in the energy value chain, will be guaranteed through IDS (International Data Spaces)  based connectors.

The PLATOON Project is based on 3 main pillars:

1. Interoperability aspects

2. Data governance (security, privacy and data sovereignty)

3. Data analysis tools and Edge Computing applications

The technology developed within the PLATOON framework will enable the exchange and use of data between data owners (asset owners, renewable energy developers, OEMs) and data users (component manufacturers, service providers, ICT developers…), thus generating benefits for companies in all segments of the value chain.

A marketplace that will include advanced asset management, microgrids and energy efficiency solutions and services developed from data analytics and distributed processing or edge computing technologies.

Barbara IoT Edge Platform

The Edge platform powered by Barbara IoT,  was selected among more than 96 applications. Barbara IoT brings its expertise in creating Industrial IoT solutions for the Edge and enabling a cybsesecure edge computing.

The Edge platform will contain out-of-the-box enablers following the IDS connector architecture reference model used in the PLATOON project.

The Edge platform will also include a cybersecurity layer for secure communications, identity management, trust management, and access control, aligned not only with the IDS vision but also with the Industrial IoT best practices and standards that Barbara IoT has followed since its foundation.


The EU-funded H2020 project PLATOON aims to digitalise the energy sector, enabling thus higher levels of operational excellence with the adoption of disrupting technologies. The project facilitates the technology transfer into the market. PLATOON will bevalidated in 7 pilots in 4 countries that provide real Energy Big Data cases. PLATOON will reinforce the European efforts for the modernisation of the European electricity grid, as it focuses on new smart grids services through data knowledge exploitation. Moreover PLATOON will offer access to cheaper and sustainable energy for energy consumers and maximise social welfare.

About Barbara

Barbara - Pila tecnológica

Barbara is the Cybersecure Industrial Edge Platform, designed to implement automated decision making within critical industrial processes. Barbara´s platform brings intelligence into machines or directly inside industrial installations.  It orchestrates and executes Edge Apps at Scale

Barbara Edge Platform is cybersecure by design and is used in highly critical sites, establishing peer-to-peer interoperability between sites, running automated AI processes in situ, and sharing sovereign data between stakeholders.

Its architecture, distributed in thousands of computing nodes, allows to communicate and virtualise any element and deploy Artificial Intelligence applications in real time.

Barbara´s interoperable Edge technology stack incorporates all widespread industrial protocols southbound, freely runs any dockerised process or micro-service concurrently on the same devise and includes all connectivity options northbound.