Barbara organises the first major event on Edge Computing in Spain

Industry at the Edge by Barbara is an annual event on the convergence between IT and OT, seeking to build more open and standardized more open and standardized ecosystems to drive innovation and growth at a faster rate.

Written by:
Miren Zabaleta

Edge Computing, a technology that brings data intelligence as close as possible to the source of the data, is becoming the most important enabler of digital transformation in the industrial world since the arrival of the cloud. This technology, which will support a multitude of sectors in the coming years, allows not only to capture but also to process and send a multitude of data in real time, thus enabling new use cases that bring companies closer to their complete digital transformation.

A before and after for a multitude of industries from energy to water management, from pharmaceuticals to logistics. In a horizon of uncertainty in terms of escalating costs and cyber-attacks, beyond predictions, Edge Computing is already a reality, which is at the heart of the technological revolution.

INDUSTRY at the EDGE - Regístrate en el primer evento de Edge Computing Industrial en España

Having overcome the debate about when to go digital and knowing that it is now or never, it is time to talk about how: Having digitized processes is no longer enough; now it is required that these, in addition to being digitized, be as efficient as possible.

Therefore, in Barbara, we organized the first major Edge event in Spain: Industry at the Edge, to help the industry to know the degree of maturity and adoption of Edge Computing in the industrial fabric, what are the main projects that are being carried out in our country and in Europe and how they are doing it.

The event, to be held this October 25, is aimed at Executives, Digital Transformation Managers, Data Experts and Artificial Intelligence Developers in the Industry.

Among the speakers we can find 22 professionals from companies such as Acciona, Enagás, Ferrovial, Iberdrola, Repsol, Roche, Telefónica, Stratio, IDC, Allread, BAI DATA, Fiware, Innovalia, International Data Spaces Association, Mytra, Oliver Wyman... and many more!

In a format of demos, round tables and masterclasses, attendees will be able to discover the latest advances in the sector in a practical way (pioneering projects in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence at the Edge will be unveiled), there will also be time for networking and meeting like-minded professionals in the industry. All this through two tracks that will guide the whole day: business and technology.

Those companies that develop the capabilities to connect devices, as well as collect and exploit real-time data efficiently, will undoubtedly be the ones to gain a competitive advantage that will lead them to star in the new industrial era. If you do not want to miss this event and be part of the future, visit: