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Barbara IoT provides its Industrial Edge Platform for Iberdrola’s Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

octubre 26th, 2021 by Barbara’s Edge Platform allows the deployment of algorithms from different authors in the same Edge Node and facilitates its remote management in a cybersecure fashion.
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IoT Edge Computing, edge nodes and industrial use cases

agosto 16th, 2021 by Intelligence moves to the Edge with IoT and Edge Computing. Edge Computing technology has emerged as one of the hottest technologies that proposes, data does not need to be centralised entirely, instead part of it can be processed on distributed computers called – Edge Nodes – that is in the same place where the data is being generated.
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How to optimise IoT deployments with Docker containers

julio 20th, 2021 by The use of Docker containers in IoT devices is becoming more and more widespread, but being able to use this technology in the world of the Internet of Things requires tools that allow the entire process to be managed in a simple, centralised and secure way.