Barbara IoT has been selected as one of the 9 finalist for the EDP Starter Acceleration program and will attend the Grand Finale at the Web Summit event in Lisbon.

EDP Starter Acceleration Program. 

Earlier this year, Barbara IoT was selected to join the EDP Starter Acceleration program. It was a short program (3 days) but extremely well oriented and planned. The focus was to meet the different business areas within EDP, learn what their pains were and pitch them our solution. We met decision makers in several areas within EDP, such as Renewables, Generation, Distribution or Customer-oriented Solutions in 1-to-1 meetings. And not only EDP, but also some of their partners, such as Verbund, Turning Tables – Grupo Cuerva or American Electric Power. Those meeting have proved extremely valuable. We had the chance to perfectly understand what pains each department had and how Barbara could fit in those areas.

As a result, we managed to explore collaborations with several departments and propose some projects to them. Since them, the Energy sector has been extremely successful for Barbara IoT, we have managed to grow from the first customer we had in that vertical, so several others, where we are implementing Digitalization projects through our platform. 

Few days ago, EDP communicated that Barbara IoT was one of the 10 finalists companies of the program. We will pitch again in the Grand Finale at the Web Summit event (Lisbon, November 4th to 7th)!

Barbara in the Energy sector

The Energy sector is facing challenges that affect most industrial companies when they start a digitalistation process of for the Extracting the data is the first step (and usually the most underestimated one):

  • Fragmentation: Although it may seem so, gathering data is not easy, specially when these data comes from different sources. You sometimes have to be able to acquire data from legacy equipment with proprietary protocols, combine the process with getting info from modern sensors, and use cost-effective solutions to do all this so you guarantee the return of your investment.
  • Integration: Sending that data not only to internet but also integrating it with different internal and external services and systems (Analytics Tools, CRMs, ERPs…etc) may be a complex task. And these systems are the tools that will truly get the value out of the data
  • Security: It is vital that the whole data capturing process and the devices handling these data is secure. Insecure IoT devices are a real threat for any company’s business, so it’s essential that any IoT solution you deploy takes security seriously.

Barbara software solution has been created exactly with that purpose: to integrate in IoT gateways and allow companies to overcome those 3 challenges with an open, flexible and remotely manageable tool.


Article written by Juan Pérez-Bedmar, Presales and Marketing Manager at Barbara IoT. If you like this post and want to receive similar content subscribe to our Newsletter.