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Edge Computing
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Artificial Intelligence
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Edge Glossary

In this document we want to collect the most commonly used terms in the field of Edge Computing; from basic concepts to other more specialized terms.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Plan 2023

With the development of this energy efficiency plan, Barbara wants to analyze the impact of energy on the income statement of industrial companies, studying how the different sectors and agents in the industrial economy consume energy and how they can optimize their energy use.

Whitepaper: Trends in Industrial Edge

The emergence of technologies that allow to capture, process and send large quantities of data in real time, are enabling new use cases that will lead companies to their complete digital transformation. Discover the latests trends in Industrial Edge with this whitepaper.

Industrial Edge Computing Barometer

Discover the findings of our survey conducted to over 100 industrial companies about the challenges, uses cases and maturity of this technology in Spain.

The Edge Computing Ebook

Download this e-book and find out why is Edge Computing is set to be one of the most important technologies for the industrial world.

The state of Industrial Cybersecurity

The growing number of IoT devices and the sophistication of malicious actors are increasing the risk of cyber attacks. Discover more in our updated whitepaper.