Industrial IoT success stories


IoT to increase energy efficiency at EDP

A platform and hardware independent Cybersecure Operating System to monitor Distributed Generation Equipment


EDP Solar needed to have a system that would allow it to obtain real-time information on its customers' production and consumption, as well as alarms and information on the status of each installation, both to make it available to its customers and for internal use by the O&M team. To date, the capture of self-consumption data has been carried out through a proprietary solution and they were looking for a system that would monitor energy more efficiently, reliably and securely and that would offer them new possibilities for remote management of the installations. The project presented the challenge of integrating very heterogeneous installations, with different equipment from different manufacturers and with different connectivity conditions.

"In the energy transition, with a key role for distributed generation, it is essential to have real-time information on our assets to ensure their optimal management. In addition, this information must be shared with our customers so that they can make the best decisions regarding their energy performance".

Innovation EDP Spain


Edge Computing for Cuerva Group Transformer Substations

A solution that allows you to get accurate data faster. From 15 minutes availability to less than 30 seconds


The Cuerva Group has a department specialised in the use of data provided by different sensors placed in the network for the creation of algorithms with the aim of optimising operation and maintenance processes in the Medium and Low Voltage electrical network. However, it cannot have real-time data from the network, due to the inability to extract them from its SCADA automation systems, which drastically reduces the potential of its algorithm.

"An IoT solution allows us to collect and homogenize data from multiple devices from different manufacturers that would otherwise be unaffordable, due to time and cost."

Alberto Sanchez

Director of Innovation Cuerva Group

Global Omnium

IoT solution to connect multi-vendor, multi-technology meters with cybersecurity as a premise

A technological solution that allows remote operation of the meter's life cycle.


Global Omnium has more than 1 million water meters in its daily operation, from different manufacturers and with totally heterogeneous technologies, which causes significant inefficiencies in its operations. Both the meter readings and their management (registration, de-registration, changeover) are time-consuming and involve human error. Their need was to have IoT nodes capable of interacting with meters from different manufacturers, facilitating their reading and management in a unified and homogeneous way. In this way, it is possible to significantly reduce the management costs of such a diverse fleet.

"What is not measured is not valued, we seek to measure any parameter to improve. What IoT allows you to do is to generate a lot of data in real time and make Big Data. Without data there is no algorithm and without algorithms you cannot improve".