Windmill Farm Management: IoT in a remote site

In a remote wind farm managed by Energy Company, suddenly, with no human interaction, some of the windmills start working automatically. Each turbine have a sensor that indicates in real time wind conditions and it is connected to the Internet to check electricity price, so the windmill itself can “decide” when is the most profitable time to generate energy. On top of that, the windmill have other sensors monitoring generated energy and, among others, windmill spinning speed. Analyzing carefully all this information enables Energy Company to predict when a specific piece of the windmill is going to fail and, therefore to perform predictive maintenance saving money and time in this way.

fragmentationsecurity updatesvulnerabilities

All these sensors are coming from different providers so each one of them may be running different Operating Systems. This situation forces Energy Company to program several ad-hoc applications for each device, in most cases to do similar operations.

With Barbara, Energy Company will have the same Operating System running in all devices (as Barbara is multiplatform) and they can program only one application and use it in all their devices, solving the fragmentation issue and saving a lot of time and money in terms of software development.


Now imagine that a new critical vulnerability is discovered and turns out that it could be affecting some of the devices running barbara in Energy Company and it is mandatory to patch them to avoid someone hacking the whole park. Depending on the size of the park and how remote it is, sending a human team to manually update all the devices may be extremely expensive.

With Barbara, thanks to her Secure Updates System, Energy Company doesn’t need to deploy a team there but update all the devices remotely and safely due to barbara Failure-proof Update system saving thousands of $ each time this kind of process is needed. In addition, they can patch this vulnerability extremely sooner than sending out people.

With secure updates system you will save thousands of dollars

That SW version patching a critical vulnerability is possible now because the Professional Support Team behind barbara that not only will release periodic SW versions patching vulnerabilities in Energy Company devices but they will help them to deploy new devices seamlessly, to manage device’s security configuration, etc.