CONNECTS Project, a network of Edge Nodes to create Intelligent LV Transformer Substations with Edge Computing

CONNECTS (COordination of Network Nodes for Edge Computing at Transformer Substations) is part of the HAZITEK programme by the Basque Government and is co-financed by the European Union.

Smart Grid

CONNECTS will be developed during 2021 – 2023 with the aim to design and developed a system that is composed of:

1. Nodes (computers) for distributed Edge Computing to be installed in LV Transformer Substations.

2. An IoT platform for the remote management of Edge Nodes.

3. Industrialised computing algorithms

Led by Ormazabal Electric, Barbara IoT will develop, together with Ormazabal Corporate Technology Centre, a system that will allow all stakeholders of the energy value chain to develop new business models and optimise their Operation, Maintenance and Planning of the tasks needed in a LV Transformer Substation.

More specifically, the aim is to:

1. Map low voltage network connectivity (Feeder Mapping).

2. Virtualise the substation

3. Analyse the load flow

4. Detect technical and non-technical losses

5. Manage conventional transformer optimal tapping with manual tap changers (DETC)

6. Manage optimal transformer tapping with automatic on-load tap-changer (OLTC)

7. Remote management of the Edge Computing node

8. Remote management of second-level devices in the LV Transformer Substation

9. Coordinated management of LV Transformer Substations belonging to the same MV mesh

Barbara’s Cyber Secure Industrial Edge Platform

Barbara’s Industrial Edge platform is designed to deploy Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in a cybersecure manner. It enables the execution of Artificial Intelligence in the field, so that stakeholders can abstract from connectivity and communication frameworks, cyber security and IT infrastructure and focus on the execution and management of their algorithms.

Barbara’s Edge Platform provides the infrastructure that enables:

• Cybersecure Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
• The remote deployment and management of cyber-secure Edge Nodes and their algorithms
• Intellectual Property protection of edge-deployed Artificial Intelligence
• Coexistence of multi-author algorithms at the Edge

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