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Smart Grids: a guide to everything you need to know about them

In this post we reveal everything you need to know about Smart Grids, the intelligent electricity distribution networks that efficiently integrate the behavior and actions of all users connected to it.

Smart Grid

Artificial Intelligence for addressing the energy industry’s biggest challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the greatest catalyst for technological innovation in history, with countless applications in the energy sector. Key examples are the optimisation of production and storage, smart market trading, consumer savings and efficient consumption models for reducing carbon footprints, among others.

Smart Grid

Could the Internet of Energy be the solution to the biggest energy crisis in history?

A new concept resonates in recent times among analysts and professionals in the energy sector: the Internet of Energy. It is a trend that has arisen from the urgency caused by the accumulation of events affecting a sector that is more in crisis than ever. Factors such as climate change, international conflicts, the supply crisis, escalating prices and new regulatory requirements have put the sector in the spotlight.

Smart Grid

How solar energy equipment suppliers are transforming their business model with Edge Computing

The transition from a business model of selling products to a model of selling services associated with them is occurring in all sectors. Solar energy equipment manufacturers can now jump on the servitization bandwagon and move from a solar tracker sales and implementation model to a pay-per-use model, through the constant collection and processing of data on the status of the photovoltaic plant.

Smart Grid

Digital Twins of a Smart Grid

The digital twin is one of the main topics when we talk about connected industry or industry 4.0. There are sectors in which they are now not only a reality, but a key aspect of their operations. Manufacturing use digital twins in their day-to-day operations, helping to operate machinery, monitor material, predict behaviour, or plan tasks, using a virtual copy of the systems involved, and thus, saving hundreds of field visits.

Smart Grid

Edge Technologies to implement Active Demand Management mechanisms

In this future context, where neither production nor distribution are optimally guaranteed, all eyes are on the so-called Active Demand Management or "Demand Response" mechanisms, which could be translated into English as "demand response".

Smart Grid
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