IoT allows people and organizations to easily automate and improve processes, increase productivity, boost efficiencies and take data-driven decisions. Barbara IoT’s product portfolio and expertise satisfies a wide range of industry specific use cases.

The pressures received by the manufacturing industries on increasing the quality and performance while reducing downtime, is placing IoT in the center of every discussion regarding the digital factory.

Eventhough it is true that manufacturing product life cycles have been traditionally long and stable, there is a new tendency with regards to creating parallel networks of IoT devices which do not interfere with the OT technology, and are able to gather and expose data for:

  • Unified and multi-site asset monitoring to optimize production performance.
  • Just in Time production based on the interconnection of real time multiple sources of data with business systems.
  • Employee safety control optimizations with real time information and alerts to prevent potential worksite hazards.
  • Smart inventory controls through indoor location, weight sensors, and connections with the logistics platforms.
  • Predictive maintenance through vibration and usage sensores for downtime reductions.