Barbara is a secure edge platform for the Industrial IoT. It is designed to overcome the challenges that the Industry face when starting the Digital Transformation path, and makes the Industrial IoT easy and secure.

Barbara Example Deployment

Barbara is a secure edge platform for the industrial IoT that runs on IoT gateways and edge devices. It’s capable of integrating with classic industrial devices (e.g. PLCs, Meters, Inverters…) from different vendors and with IoT modern sensors, using both industrial protocols and IT communications protocols. This enables the data capture from heterogeneous sources and the interaction with them.

Thanks to its flexibility, Barbara prevents companies from depending on proprietary solutions and enables them to exploit their data where and how they choose. Its remote management power makes Barbara a scalable solution and allows each use case evolve with time.

Barbara solves the three biggest challenges in Industrial IoT:



Barbara not only integrates IT protocols but also legacy and new Industrial OT Protocols for data acquisition in a single stack. This allows capturing data from heterogeneous sources and present a “unified device access interface” for IoT cloud platforms.

Barbara brings intelligence to the edge, and companies will have the necessary tools for the rapid and remote creation, deployment, configuration and execution of IIoT applications for edge devices.



Barbara allows dispatching and integrating the data into different external or internal cloud systems such as Big Data platforms, ERPs, CRMs…It’s an open and flexible solution that plugs information into any cloud platform avoiding data and communication silos



Barbara is a secure-by-design solution, that preserves the integrity of the data and systems involved. It has been designed to act as a barrier to the cybersecurity risks of connecting field devices directly to the Internet. Barbara uses secure communication protocols and is equipped with a set of security features that makes it the perfect choice for devices in IIoT deployments with critical privacy or resilience requirements. Devices are always up to date as Barbara can remotely update them when a vulnerability is publicly discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barbara is a secure edge platform for the Industrial IoT. It is a software solution that runs in IoT gateways and edge devices and (1) allows quick and escalable industrial devices and modern sensors/actuators integrations for data gathering, (2) connects the data with different remote systems and (3) secures data and systems involved.

No, but Barbara is compatible with many standard hardware platforms. Barbara also has several partners that can build ad-hoc hardware. 


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