Barbara is a technology that manages the lifecycle of IoT devices, enabling companies to reduce time to market and deployment costs. Barbara increases the scalability of your IoT solutions while boosting their level of security.

Barbara OS is a secure Linux based operating system, optimized for IoT with professional customer support. Barbara OS constitutes the core of the technology and the basis to build a secure environment around the device. It is an open source which is public and freely downloadable.

What does Barbara OS offer?


Security by design

Barbara OS has been built from scratch with security as the driver. By encrypting all data and implementing a secure boot feature, it ensures the integrity of the software installed and data stored. Additionally, all communications originated on the device are encrypted independently of the physical layer used.


Extended Compatibility

Barbara OS is compatible with several hardware architectures and with different cloud platforms. And new ones are continuously being added!


Optimized Footprint

Barbara OS has been specifically designed for IoT devices. It is modular so you can build your version including only what your specific device requires. Barbara OS accommodates your needs.


Blockchain SDK

Barbara OS includes a native library based on Ethereum, to build a decentralized ledger in your IoT deployment. Barbara OS enables you to create the next blockchain killer application! See our demo video: