IoT allows people and organizations to easily automate and improve processes, increase productivity, boost efficiencies and take data-driven decisions. Barbara IoT’s product portfolio and expertise satisfies a wide range of industry specific use cases.

Both livestock farming and food agriculture have a huge challenge to cope with regarding the predicted population growth during the next 30 years. Due to this, the so called smart-agriculture is one of the areas where the public and private sectors are concentrating their attention and investment.

With the proper sensors and IoT platforms, farming and equipment data are monitored in real time as well as remotely accessible to farmers, enabling different kinds of optimizations such as:

  • Information, real time decisions and the automation of fertilizer, water, food, or other supplies.
  • Pest control and prevention.
  • Smart warehousing and logistics.
  • Predictive maintenance of machinery and vehicles.
  • Traceability of origin or quality, sharing immediate quality data through the value chain including customers, in order to facilitate acceptance and purchasing processes.