Smart Pharmaceutical Plant

Acme Pharma has 3 smart plants producing pills for different regions. Supplier Wayne Valves, provides 2 smart valve models to control product composition and monitor remotely. Both have specific OS and one application adapted to each OS.

Acme Pharma benefits controlling the process from a central point and obtaining information in real time to increase efficiency of the process. Information is shared across customers and providers to save stock costs and adapt production and demand. Wayne Valves obtains a general view of their deployed products, predicts maintenance and innovates business models (HW as a service) and product (understanding better the customer needs).

remote updatedeploymentsecurity

One day, a malicious attacker takes control of an external door system using physical ports. Without Barbara, being inside Acme network, allows the attacker to take control of their system exploiting devices vulnerabilities and even request ransomwares. With Barbara, thanks to Barbara Policy Engine, the door system intrusion will be detected through a presence sensor. After that, a policy previously configured will wipe device memory leaving the attacker without any chance to access the internal network.

In order to provide with service Asia Region, Acme builds a new factory in China. Without Barbara, Acme team would be forced to install and setup individually each sensor and valve in the new factory. With Barbara, thanks to Barbara Secure Deployment system, a secure plug n play setup can be performed, pushing credentials, certificates and required configurations to new devices automatically.

A critical vulnerability on SSL library that transports relevant data from connected valves to Acme and his partner Wayne is discovered and published. Without Barbara, Acme team would be forced to update one by one each valve, being vulnerable while the update of the whole valve park is done. With Barbara Secure remote updates, optimized depending on the device to be updated, the patch for this critical vulnerability can be deployed at the same time to all valves saving time, resources and reducing the gap while Acme and Wayne are vulnerable.