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According to several reports (such as this one from Morgan Stanley), IoT security is the biggest concern and also the greatest challenge that the industry faces nowadays. Ad-hoc implementations with today’s patch-work approach leads to high costs and exposes businesses and users to major risks in terms of security and privacy. They also carry major post-deployment costs as IT managers apply fixes, especially with security vulnerabilities requiring expensive consultants and software to address the issues. IoT security is specially important in the professional sectors because it’s there where the majority of devices are being installed, the area with the highest growth for IoT adoption, and where the cost of operation and security risks are most critical for business’ survival. So, the need to design deployments with an IoT security focus is clear.

IoT security implies taking care of all 3 elements in any IoT deployment: the Cloud, the Communications and the Devices. The industry has traditionally focused their IoT security efforts in securing the communications and the cloud platforms. Barbara’s approach focuses its solution in the weakest link in this chain: the devices.


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Elements in the security chain

Barbara Software Platform enables businesses to bring IoT Security to their deployments. It is composed by Barbara OS, a secure state-of-the-art Operating System for IoT devices, and Barbara Panel, a remote console that allows businesses to deploy large IoT deployments securely, monitor them and remotely update them.

Barbara OS is an Operating System focused on IoT security: Barbara is open-source and provides a layered service approach. Additionally, Barbara communication SDKs are designed to encrypt all communications originated on the device independently of the physical layer used.

Barbara Panel is the dashboard that will let companies to monitor and configure their devices remotely and securely.

  • Professional Updating system: Keeping devices up to date is crucial to ensure IoT security; exposed device or network vulnerabilities must be patched rapidly, but the professional IoT ecosystem has unique challenges: geographical granularity (sometimes even lack of access), bandwidth restrictions of the Over-The-Air channel, limited processing capabilities of the devices and the need of fail-proof procedures with built-in resilience. Barbara professional updating system is designed to work within IoT ecosystem limits, ensuring smooth and secure updates including a roll-back mechanism to restore device to previous versions.
  • Secure Deployment Engine: When deploying a new set of IoT devices in the field, their configuration becomes a challenge due to the number of devices and the limited access to some of them. Barbara Panel offers a configuration system that allows deployment managers to remotely connect to every device and securely push their own specific pre-configuration with all the necessary settings.

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