Frequently Asked Questions

Barbara is a technology that manages the lifecycle of IoT devices. Read through the Frequenly Asked Questions to understand some of the basic concepts.

What is Barbara for?

Barbara is a secure edge platform for the Industrial IoT. It is a software solution that runs in IoT gateways and edge devices and (1) allows quick and escalable industrial devices and modern sensors/actuators integrations for data gathering, (2) connects the data with different remote systems and (3) secures data and systems involved.

What are Barbara benefits? Why should I choose Barbara?

As a professional, secure and open platform Barbara:

  • Reduces Capital and Operational Expenditures by up to 60%. How?

Barbara is an open platform so it allows to integrate different existing HW and SW architectures, reducing capex needed to achieve digitalization project objectives.

Once deployed, being able to manage remotely the platform, having a company behind to support the software reduces heavily the OPEX impact of the IoT deployment

  • Reduces Time-To-Market; deployment in 6 to 12 weeks

Barbara solution has already develop 70% of your IoT project for you. Barbara provides tools, drivers and sensor/actuator integrations out of the box so you can have your solution ready ASAP.

  • Reduces risks and increases scalability

Barbara is secure by design and is remotely manageable. Once your deployment goes from PoC to production Barbara provides all its functionalities so you can scale easily and securely.

Where is my data going?

Barbara IS NOT an analytics/Big Data/Visualization/AI platform. We want to give you the tools to put your data where you need it and in the most secure way. Barbara integrates with your databases, AI platforms, cloud providers or data ingestors you may already have (SCADA Systems, HMIs …). Barbara is a device management system that helps you to keep your deployment under control, we don’t use your data.

Can I install Barbara on premises?

Barbara Panel can be hosted either on cloud or on customer premises. It is based on Dockers so it’s easily portable to any backend infrastructure.

Blockchain, blockchain…. What can be done with Blockchain and Barbara?

Best explained with a use case

Do I need to use Barbara panel website?

Barbara offers REST APIs to use all its functionalities so you can integrate Barbara features in your existing dashboards, ERPs, SOCs, etc.

I have a critical application, is Barbara secure enough?

Barbara has different security mechanisms depending on the criticality of the application. Basic Barbara version supports hardening by software, if you have a critical application, Barbara also supports hardening by HW that makes it even more robust. Check with us on what is best for your use case.

However, there is no 100% secure solution in the market (and if somebody sells you that, he/she is lying). What is crucial is to have the capability of remotely patch and update the system and rely on a professional team supporting and releasing those updates. Barbara provides it.

I already have a network cybersecurity solution, is Barbara a substitute for that?

Not at all. Barbara is perfectly compatible with cloud security solutions. Barbara’s focus is on the IoT devices themselves, the “edge”. Barbara acts as an additional protection, preventing potential attacks to your network through your IoT devices.

I need to support a very specific HW, does Barbara support it?

Barbara has already made portings to main IoT platforms in the market but if your required HW is not supported we have an standardized process to port Barbara, contact us.

Can Barbara integrate with my legacy technology already deployed?

YES! That is part of the beauty of Barbara. It is an open architecture so it is very easy to develop small applications to integrate with existing infrastructure or providers.

Do I need new HW for each application?

Traditional industrial markets have been oriented to 1 HW = 1 Function. With Barbara and the IoT paradigm this statement changes completely. 1 Application = 1 Functionality but each device can run many applications simultaneously.

Can you give me some ideas of what Barbara can do?

Check our website or some of our explanatory videos in our youtube channel.

I don’t have the knowledge/team/time to build my own Barbara app, can you develop it for me?

Barbara offers a team of experts on IoT to develop turn key solutions customised for your needs. Contact us!