Barbara is a technology to manage the lifecycle of IoT devices, enabling companies to reduce time to market and deployment costs. Barbara increases the scalability of your IoT solutions while boosting their level of security.

Barbara Panel is an IoT deployment management dashboard designed for businesses and with a zero learning curve. It provides a user-friendly and centralized board for deployment configuration management, device monitoring and remote update management.



What can you do with Barbara Panel?


Make effortless and efficient deployments:

Barbara Panel adapts to your business topology; you can group your IoT devices based on your own requirements and let them self provide their certificates and data without needing to worry. Just plug and play.


Monitor your IoT devices’ health:

Barbara Panel allows you to monitor your IoT devices’ status in a single point and receive alarms if some parameters go out of range so they can act consequently.


Change the configuration remotely:

Barbara Panel reduces your operational costs by allowing you set new configurations in your IoT devices remotely and securely. Maintaining your IoT deployment becomes easy and secure.


Upgrade your IoT devices Over the Air:

Keeping your IoT devices up to date is the only way to be sure of their safety. Barbara Panel allows to securely patch and update them remotely through Over The Air (OTA) upgrades. See our demo video here.