Success Cases

See how some of our customers have used Barbara to effortless deliver IoT solutions that increase efficiency, allow new business models and can scalate in secure manner . Be the next success case!

AgroAir is a precision agriculture company that wants to help farmers to make data-driven decisions based on how their crops are behaving. To do so, AgroAir counted on Barbara to make a deployment of sensorized IoT devices in farmlands and gather data on the crops.

Barbara gives us reliability and scalability when sending the data to our server, as this solution can be easily integrated in other farms
Jose Antonio Gutierrez
- CEO, Agroair

Parameters such as humidity, temperature or electrical conductivity of the soil provides extremely useful information to control the quality of the crops. In order to gather this data, AgroAir relied on Barbara technology.

Barbara’s engineering team designed a specific topology that allowed how to overcome two important hurdles that were present in the project: coverage and power consumption.

Using Barbara’s software installed in a Gateway, the data is obtained from a set of sensors distributed throughout the farmland. Barbara’s Software sorts, encrypts and sends this data to AgroAir’s sever.

For the physical data gathering, Barbara’s team selected a set of sensors compatible with Barbara’s software. These sensors, powered by a small internal battery, uses the Lora protocol, which allows long ranges of wireless coverage and small power consumption.

Once received in AgroAir’s server, each piece of data is processed and stored in the cloud to be later analyzed and computed. With this data, customers will not only get insights about how their crops are doing but also advice and predictions such as when to water or fertilize.

What did Barbara’s solution offer to AgroAir?

  • Reduction of Time-To-Market: after a few weeks from the project definition, AgroAir was able to have a deployment of IoT devices spread out on a farmland, collecting data and sending it to their servers.
  • Reduction of the integration and in deployment costs: Barbara is a cost-effective technology; It has already been deployed in several other solutions and it has just been adapted for AgroAir’s use case.
  • Scalability and security: Configuring and deploying devices with Barbara is easy and secure. The initially deployed solution is fully scalable to new customers and farmlands. And Barbara Software has been developed with the security-by-design philosophy, ensuring all data integrity.