Retail Warehouse

See how some of our customers have used Barbara to effortless deliver IoT solutions that increase efficiency, allow new business models and can scalate in secure manner . Be the next success case!

Our customer (name under NDA) is a multinational groceries distribution group present in 4 countries in Europe and Latin America. Their warehouses are equipped with forklifts, that are the main building block of their logistics and distribution operations.

To improve the quality and productivity of their picking processes, their logistics department contacted Barbara IoT to add more intelligence to their forklifts, connecting them to their Intranet and their Warehouse Management System (WMS/ERP). This new smart forklift is able to improve logistics processes from a productivity and quality perspective, offering more data to both workers and management.

Before Barbara IoT, several industrial equipment providers had failed in the project. Their approach was with closed solutions of IoT, which meant no flexibility to adapt to industrial environment challenges.

The Barbara IoT delivery team designed a solution based on Barbara OS and standard open HW encapsulated in industrial ready equipment. Barbara deployment was first tested on a controlled environment and, after a 6 weeks pilot, Barbara was able to deploy the solution to a production environment.

Main benefits of the Barbara approach were:

  • The use of a versatile open SW platform with a full OS allowed the tweaking of the HW with a level of control not available in other solutions. The network configuration and roaming inside a big grocery warehouse (liquids, metals…) is a great challenge. Barbara OS provides the right tools to make the network as reliable and as physically possible.
  • Barbara OS allowed the delivery team to have an application running in less than a week. This application is the one in charge of communicating with all the legacy systems in the warehouse.
  • Updating those would have been very costly and time consuming and Barbara IoT provided a much faster and cost effective project.
  • The integration of this type of devices with an intranet and WMS/ERP can add new vulnerabilities to the customer’s network. But with Barbara OS, secured by design, the customer can be sure their warehouses are safe.
  • From HW perspective, Barbara OS is adapted to open architectures and several communication and sensors’ protocols. In this case the selected HW solution allowed to integrate much faster, with a good adaptation to the environment and at the same time reducing costs of integrations and final HW equipment.

IoT Evolution

With the addition of an open smart platform on each forklift, Barbara opens a new set of possibilities. Our customer can keep adding intelligence to its logistics processes such as indoor location, battery and maintenance monitoring, workers trackers, speed limits…. With an open platform and Barbara IoT capabilities the sky is the limit.