Success Cases

See how some of our customers have used Barbara to effortless deliver IoT solutions that increase efficiency, allow new business models and can scalate in secure manner . Be the next success case!

Revoolt is a young spanish company that is revolutionizing Last Mile Deliveries based on three fundamental pillars, a cloud platform, electrical vehicles and the Internet of Things.


We have found in Barbara IoT the perfect partner to make a rapid and simple technological deployment
Angel Sanchez
- CEO, Revoolt

Revoolt wanted to collect all of the information they can from their vehicles so they are able to improve their operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. With such information, they can calculate and offer optimal routes to the drivers, final users can monitor their orders in real time, Revoolt can implement predictive maintenance strategies on their vehicles, dramatically decreasing unplanned downtime costs.

After studying Revoolt’s needs and requirements, Barbara IoT realized that a system based on Barbara OS running in the onboard devices and Barbara Panel to visualize and manage those devices would cover all the requirements. In that way Barbara IoT deployed several IoT devices on Revoolt’s fleet of vehicles. These devices, specially designed from scratch by the Barbara IoT team, periodically report useful information like position (through a GPS device), speed, altitude, temperature, humidity… On top of that, the devices are prepared to receive data from an OBD port of the car and is able to be reported. So, in a further phase of development we expect to aggregate even more intelligence. All this is sent to Revoolt backend where the info is managed. One of the challenges Barbara IoT faced during this project, was the importance of data security and privacy as Revoolt manages information from many customers. Based on device memory encryption, communications encryption and securing our backend, we are able to accomplish the fulfillment of such demanding requirements.

Additionally, with Barbara Panel, Revoolt can easily manage the life cycle of the solution as they can add or remove devices from the deployment dynamically. They can also update remotely and flawlessly with devices when a new software version appears. Furthermore, they can also change the configuration of the devices with a simple click and be aware about possible issues regarding the devices thanks to Barbara Panel Alerts system.

Barbara IoT enabled Revoolt to achieve their goals in a fast and simple way and with the peace of mind that Barbara IoT security experts provides.