Reduce your operating costs through real time automation

Discover how to implement real-time autonomous processes with Edge AI.

Industry Challenges

High bandwidth cost
Due to sheer amount of data generation in real time
Ejecución de procesos
Hardware heterogeneity
Different equipment, technologies and multitude of suppliers
Espacio de confianza
Knowledge barriers
To integrate models for leak detection, quality control, failure prediction
Despliegue de algoritmos
Low availability
To manage the complexity of the infrastructure and applications

A composable and cybersecure architecture on a single platform, to digitize the entire water cycle

Barbara helps you scale and adapt your technology based on the maturity of your capabilities, so that you can accelerate your digital transformation where it is most needed


Integrate telecontrol and predictive maintenance into your operations


Incorporate chemical detection or parameterization algorithms for efficient water purification in a cyber-secure way


Monitor your entire distribution network and detect any leaks in real time to prevent inmediate losses

Waste collection

Integrate supply and sewerage network sensing from  a single platform

Waste Treatment

Reduce energy consumption and optimize processes with real-time AI


Monitor, detect and autonomously resolve incidents in real time

How we do it

Edge Computing based solutions allow you to monitor your infrastructure in real time.

Deploy and orchestrate AI applications using Edge nodes in water plants

Discover how Acciona managed to optimize its processes and energy expenditure in real time and cybsersecurely.


One of the main challenges in industrial digitization is how to combine  digital applications and algorithms that have shorter life cycles with traditional industrial systems with longer cycles.

Acciona faced the need to adapt to these cycles in order to be able to maintain and develop edge apps remotely, updating and retraining the models to be able to scale the project internationally in a managed, secure and controlled way.


Barbara, helped Acciona deploy Artificial Intelligence models at the Edge, and predict chemical levels in the water supply and purification plant, based on real-time variables in a cybersecure manner.
Edge Computing centros de transformaciónEdge Computing centros de transformación

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How industrial companies can reduce their energy costs with Edge Computing

Edge computing plays a key role in sustainability and energy efficiency because it is specifically designed to bring applications and data closer to devices and their users. Increasing the deployment of edge solutions could be one of the answers to achieve the energy optimization goal that the industry is looking for.

"Barbara is all about technical solvency in embedded software solutions. They have developed a device management platform natively focused on security aspects, that is what made us choose their solution. If we add to their technical expertise, their ability to adapt to us and their committed team, they make the difference."

“Barbara has provided us with a reliable, robust and easy-to-use platform on which to deploy our solution, as well as assisting us with the development of specific software to support our vision.”

“We decided to trust Barbara because of their extensive experience in the water sector and their reliability. The team they have, with David at the head, is differential, they inspire confidence and security in all developments.”

Enabling smart machines and new business models with Edge Intelligence

If you would like more information on what use cases you can implement and how to do it, please contact one of our experts.

Edge apps certified by the water industry, ready to be deployed

Water Pump
Smart Maintenance
Zigbee Connector
Wireless MBus Connector