Barbara Partnership Program

Barbara’s Partner Ecosystem is a community that is committed to improving the pace of security innovation in IoT. Barbara is a cross-industry security solution that allows our partners to provide customized services to their customers.

If you are a service provider, system integrator or distributor and your services or products can be complemented with Barbara solutions, we offer the possibility to partner with us:

System Integrators

Become a Barbara Sales Partner and build a stronger and more profitable portfolio. It’s time to create your own IoT services!

Service Providers

Become a Barbara Sales Partner and let us be your Professional IoT business enabler. You will accelerate your know-how acquisition.

Technology Providers

If your company has tools, hardware or software solutions complementary to ours, become a Barbara Technology Partner and create synergies to provide vertical solutions for clients in different configurations.


More competitive and innovative portfolio

Your positioning will be stronger thanks to a more complete and profitable portfolio.

Safe from hidden costs

Save development and operational costs thanks to a scalable solution remotely manageable and professionally supported.

Better Time-to-Market

Your customers will enjoy faster deployments thanks to an easy-to-integrate solution.

Secure IoT deployments

Your customers’ IoT devices will have their integrity secured and their data safe thanks to Barbara’s security mechanisms.

Some partners already working with us

More Information

If you want further information about our Partnership Program and how to become part of the ecosystem, contact us



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Barbara wants to partner with you to support your IoT business dreams