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1 in 4 organizations will disappear by 2030 if they don't automate their increasingly distributed infrastructure.

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Bringing new technologies to OT

In a changing industrial landscape, Barbara provides the solution that will revolutionise the management of industrial processes.


Any language, any app, any hardware.

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All your devices and applications on a single screen

Industrial Connectors

Connect your Gateways Edge devices to any other legacy or next-generation equipment. IT/OT convergence out-of-the-box.

Edge Orchestrator

Deploy and control container-based and native edge apps across thousands of distributed locations.

Device Management

Provision, configure, update, operate and decommission Edge Devices. Keep them free of security vulnerabilities and maximise their long-term operability. No more expensive trips to the field.

Edge AI

Deploy as many Machine Learning models and algorithms as you want through the use of GPU-enabled hardware. Leverage the power of AIoT for system and business automation.


Certified Edge Apps, ready to be deployed. Minimize time to market and optimize your ROI with our edge-as-a-Service. Use industry validated standard solutions to drive your business forward.

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Your models in production within a week

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86% of organizations take between 1 month and 1 year to be able to move their models to the field.


Learn more with our customers' stories

Edge Computing in Substations

Edge Computing in Substations

With Barbara's Edge Platform, CUERVA is able to capture and process real-time data from line cells and fault pass detectors as well as detect anomalous behavior and optimize its maintenance operations.

Energy monitoring system for self-sufficient residential installations

Energy monitoring system for self-sufficient residential installations

EDP Solar needed to have a monitoring system that would allow it to obtain real-time information on its customers' production and consumption, as well as alarms and information on the status of each installation, both to make it available to its customers and for internal use by the O&M team.

Smart Management of Distributed Generation Assets

Smart Management of Distributed Generation Assets

Learn how with Barbara Edge Platform, EDP was able to achieve real-time control of distributed resources such as photovoltaic inverters, batteries, EV chargers and heat pumps with Edge Gateways to make smart flexibility decisions between Smart Grid stakeholders.

Edge Computing Mesh Network for Distribution Substations

Edge Computing Mesh Network for Distribution Substations

Learn how Barbara enabled Smart Grid stakeholder to virtualize the components of a medium to low voltage transformer substation and achieve independence between hardware and software and enable peer-to-peer cooperation between substations.

Implementation of Virtual Power Plants for Efficient Demand Management

Implementation of Virtual Power Plants for Efficient Demand Management

Aggregate heterogeneous distributed resources and facilitate physical world connectivity. Barbara's software enables the creation of Virtual Power Plants through Edge Computing Nodes that monitor and control the power sources, and a centralized control platform that manages the entire system in an agile and simple way.

Discover how pioneering companies have achieved real-time autonomous processes

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"The fact that Barbara is technology agnostic is of great value to us. They are also outstanding in their agility and flexibility in finding solutions for the challenges we gave them."

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"Barbara's Edge platform is the most advanced and stable of all we have tested so far. Not only is more advanced but they are continuously adding new features that improve the usability and experience of their platform day by day."

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"Barbara solved one of our major problems which is the range of languages and protocols we run on our power grid. To do it internally was too costly and slow for us. They managed to resolve the data intake quickly, making it available  wherever we needed it."

Industries we serve

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Smart Grid

Virtualize any component of the SmartGrid, and deploy Edge applications that provide flexibility to your electrical network.

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Water Management

Optimize treatment processes and shorten the response time on supply and consumption failures.

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Smart Manufacturing

Manage remotely your machines and bring intelligence to develop new servitization models based on pay-per-use.

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Unlock Edge AI potential for greater operational efficiency with real-time, autonomous decision making.

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