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Edge AI Revolution: Exploiting the Growing Market Opportunity for Machine Learning

By 2025, a staggering 75% of enterprise data will be created at the edge. Moreover, by 2027, deep learning will be in over 65% of edge use cases. As the volume of data continues to increase, computing is shifting towards the edge. This presents a unique opportunity for AI /ML Teams to learn and adopt best practices in implementing Machine Learning in the Edge. Learn more and replay our webinar on The Cutting Edge of MLOps.

Industry at the Edge

CIRED 2023. Why virtualization is instrumental for DSOs to gain full value from their assets

Companies are increasingly interested in virtualizing electrical equipment because it offers a range of benefits for their operations. Virtualization reduces the need for physical infrastructure, which can result in cost savings, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased safety. We will be at CIRED 2023, showcasing how to virtualize substations from Transmission to Middle and Low Voltage networks through Edge Computing Technology.

Smart Grid