Barbara to exhibit at Enlit Europe for first time

Barbara will be at the Basque Pavillion, showcasing Edge Computing solutions in Transmission, Distribution, Retail and Behind the Meter.

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How industrial companies can reduce their energy costs with Edge Computing

Edge computing plays a key role in sustainability and energy efficiency because it is specifically designed to bring applications and data closer to devices and their users. Increasing the deployment of edge solutions could be one of the answers to achieve the energy optimization goal that the industry is looking for.


IoT hyperconnectivity and obsolescence, the main cyber-attack risks for the industrial sector

These are the conclusions reached by Barbara IoT, which presents research on cybersecurity in this sector. Forty percent of industrial organizations have already experienced at least one security incident in the last year, with the industrial and energy sectors being the most vulnerable.


5 Industrial IoT Use Cases

Industrial IoT is about creating plant environments capable of provide value through hyper connected networks.


How solar energy equipment suppliers are transforming their business model with Edge Computing

The transition from a business model of selling products to a model of selling services associated with them is occurring in all sectors. Solar energy equipment manufacturers can now jump on the servitization bandwagon and move from a solar tracker sales and implementation model to a pay-per-use model, through the constant collection and processing of data on the status of the photovoltaic plant.

Smart Grid

Artificial intelligence at the Edge and its role as an enabler of industrial AIoT applications

As the number of connected devices increases, so does the amount of data generated. This ability to analyze data, extract insights from it and make autonomous decisions based on the analysis is the essence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) of things, also known as AIoT.


Edge AI for sustainability in the water sector

When we talk about "water sustainability", experts use some fundamental indicators. For us, the most important are the resilience of their infrastructures, i.e. how prepared they are for adverse situations, and the efficiency of their processes, measured as the amount of resources to be invested to meet a specific demand.

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State of Industrial Edge Computing in Spain (2021)


How Edge Computing is changing the Industrial sector


The state of cybersecurity in industry (only available in Spanish)